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Pumping Success & Returning to Work

Going back to work and leaving your new baby can be an emotional time for a mom. Using a breastpump at work will will provide your baby with breastmilk to drink while you're away, as well as keep your milk supply high. Many moms find that they can double pump in 10 minutes or less! And you can still breastfeed your baby the rest of the time, preserving your bond while giving your baby all the benefits of your special milk.

Each mom's work situation is unique. We've located a number of items to make pumping quick and convenient for you. If you have a unique pumping situation, please give us a call and we're happy to work with you to find the best solutions for you.

Dawn's Tip #1: If you don't have the time or a place to wash your personal pumping parts at work, consider getting a second set.  That way you can pump twice and take everything home to wash together at the end of the day.

Dawn's Tip #2: Right before you leave for work, nurse your baby on one side and pump on the other at the same time.  You can leave that as a fresh serving of milk for baby's next feeding and you'll be totally empty to start your day.  You'll be more comfortable and can wait a little longer for your first pumping session.

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