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Elomi Smoothing Underwire Nursing Bra

Elomi Smoothing Underwire Nursing Bra

Average rating:
average rating 90%
95 reviews
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Beautiful nursing bra for the fuller figure. Super supportive up to H cup in underwire style with great lift and shape. Durable simplex fabric does not stretch out and louse its shape. Sturdy squeeze top clip with seamless drop cup.

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Elomi Smoothing Underwire Sizing
1 Cup=1 inch difference
34 -- 34E 34F 34FF 34G 34GG 34H
36 36DD 36E 36F 36FF 36G 36GG 36H
38 38DD 38E 38F 38FF 38G -- --
40 -- 40E 40F 40FF 40G -- --
42 42DD 42E 42F 42FF 42G -- --
44 44DD 44E 44F 44FF -- -- --
46 46DD 46E 46F -- -- -- --
48DD 48E -- -- -- -- --
  • Super Supportive Up to a Generous H Cup
  • Seamless Drop Cup
  • Sturdy Squeeze Top Clip Opening Does Not Pop Open
  • Flexible Wire for Comfort
  • Full Circle Inner Layer for Added Support and Coverage
  • Underwire Style with Great Lift & Shape
  • Does Not Stretch Out And Lose Its Shape
  • Very Durable Simplex Fabric for Smooth Look and Excellent Support
  • No Slip Comfort Shoulder Straps
  • Leotard Back for Sleeker Styling
  • Elomi by Goddess Style #3912
  • Engineered for a Great Fit for DDD+ Cups & Above 
  • Each Cup Size=1 inch size difference 
  • Bra is tagged with UK Sizing, please see sizing chart to US Sizing Conversion


Average rating:
average rating 90%
95 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Great nursing bra! 04/26/2016
By Amanda Brown
Excellent nursing bra for those of us with larger chests! It is plenty supportive! Some reviews mention that the clasp is difficult, I didn't find that to be the case - I think it's pretty easy to use.

I also found the band size to be generous. I had a bra fitting just before ordering, ordered the (nearly)suggested size (ordered down a cup size), and the band was still a bit larger than I expected. Not saying it's a bad thing, just an observation.

Overall, great bra! Very comfortable, easy to use, and I would recommend it!
average rating 100%
Amazing support and lift!!! 38FF 01/09/2011
By Molly
This bra is a miracle worker for heavy breasts. We all know how hard it is to find a bra that comes in a big enough cup size, and then to find one that doens't make you look like a pointy Madonna or a uniboob monster. This is the bra sent by God. It gives amazing lift and support, even when you unclasp the hook to nurse, the inner support still keeps you lifted while nursing! Everyone tells me I look skinnier, or they think I have had a boob lift! MommyGear is amazing, they will size you over the phone and send you a million bras until you find one that works for you. They are super helpful and amazing to order from. Anotehr reason I love this bra is that it comes in half sizes. I have lopsided breasts (one a size DDD and the other is inbetween a F and a size G) and the 38FF works well for me. It fits well for my larger breast and it still give support to my smaller one. Yes other people have mentioned they cannot open the hook with one hand, but you trade that for having the su
average rating 100%
Excellent Support 09/07/2011
By Liz
This is the first bra I've worn since I've started nursing that actually offered support comparable to my pre-pregnancy bras. And I tried some very good bras (Bravado, etc.). I have been nursing for a while now, so I don't know if the features that offer such good support (underwire, etc.) would cause problems (mastitis, etc.) - because my milk supply is well established. I do know I was cautioned against underwire during the first little bit. I'm not sure if it's just me - but I found the sizing to be a bit different than expected. I had been wearing a 36DDD(E) - so that's what I ordered. It fits - but honestly, I think I'd be better off in a 34F, maybe even a double F. I find the cup to be a bit small. And I have the band on the tightest clasp - which I usually don't like to do right off the bat. I like to wait until material has gotten stretched out to go to the tightest clasp. But I was so thrilled for the support it offered, I just couldn't stand to return it and wait
average rating 100%
A Great Supportive Nursing Bra 01/03/2012
By Erin
I am currently nursing my 2nd child and had all but given up hope of having the girls back in their pre-pregnancy position. This bra gave me hope again. It is fully supportive and comfortable. I know the straps are wide but with us more well-endowed ladies, this helps keep them from digging down into our shoulders. I'm not a huge fan of the clasp but have found that it doesn't pop open like other nursing bra clasps do. Maybe that's the upside. It can be opened with one hand (with practice) but usually I need both hands to get it closed. As far as nursing goes, this bra has super easy access. I found the placement of the breast was different than in my other bras for my son at first but we seem to have figured this out after a couple of weeks. No there is not huge padding like in some other underwire nursing bras but you can't have easy access to nurse AND heavy padding that won't slide/fold down for baby to nurse. My solution was to buy one of those nursing tanks that attach
average rating 80%
Elomi nursing bra 11/10/2010
By Tina P.C.
As a 36GG with two kids, I have been on the search for a great nursing bra for quite some time now. This bra offers excellent, aggressive support, with a great deal of uplift. The upper cup is somewhat wider as are the sides. Fit is mostly true to size, with the upper cup being quite full, which is unusual, but helpful for nursing. The internal circle layer does sometimes wrinkle under the weight of the breast. The clasps are difficult with one hand, but very secure. The underwires are comfortable, and the curved front allows the bra to stay secure even with the postpartum tummy. Due to the support, you may need to be a little careful of nipple placement when nursing, as it may be higher than you are used to. I found it easy to adjust to though. For those that are short, as I am, this is a very very full coverage bra. The front is fairly high, so lower cup tops will not work well, however it is lower than other Goddess and Fancee Free, which are really the only other bras that
average rating 100%
34GG Nursing Bra 09/20/2018
By Faith
I love this bra--I have used this brand and style throughout my last two pregnancies and nursing periods--it is SO comfortable and holds up very well with all the use it gets. When I first get them, they're usually a little bit creaky especially at the points where you fasten and unfasten, but that goes away with the first couple washings.
It has been a constant struggle finding a good nursing bra that doesn't leave me saggy, uncomfortable, or awkward for nursing--but this bra takes care of everything!
The only complaint I could give is that it's coverage is more extensive than any of my other bras, so when wearing tank tops or other sleeveless shirts, it is more likely to be seen at the armholes because it comes up higher and farther around--but that's pretty much the price you pay if you want to hold everything in.
I cannot say enough good things about this bra--it is even a budget-saver since I don't have to bother trying on and returning other brand-names and sizes.

Featured negative reviews:

average rating 20%
Poor customer service 05/28/2015
By Heather Kemper
I bought an Elomi Underwire Nursing Bra after reading all these great reviews. I was under the impression that this brand was a leader in nursing bras, so the $50+ price tag seemed reasonable. I did love the bra even though it had a tendency to ride up in the back and I had plans to use it throughout the year that I would be breastfeeding. Unfortunately, even though I ALWAYS wash my nursing bras in a lingerie bag, the hooks on the bra came out after only a eight months of use. The worst part, however, is that when I contacted Mommy Gear about it, they refused to replace it. To say that I am displeased is an understatement. I paid $10 for a nursing bra from Walmart when I had my first son and that bra lasted a whole year. No, it wasn't nearly as comfortable or supportive, but it at least didn't fall apart just from washing it. I'm shocked that Mommy Gear would offer a product made for nursing (which is recommended for the first year of a baby's life by the American Academy o