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Bravado Sublime Nursing Bra

Bravado Sublime Nursing Bra

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average rating 70%
14 reviews
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$24.99 Reg. Price $49.00   You Save $24.01
Sexy, stunning & supportive nursing bra with gorgeous lace details and cotton lined cups. Top flip clip folds down to nurse. Easy fit sizing: B/C, D/DD, F/G, H/I, J/K in band sizes: 32, 34, 36, 38.

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Sublime Nursing Bra Sizing
  B/C D/DD F (DDD)/G     H/I J/K
32 -- 32 D/DD 32 F/G 32 H/I 32 J/K
34 34 B/C 34 D/DD 34 F/G 34 H/I 34 J/K
36 -- 36 D/DD 36 F/G 36 H/I --
38 38 B/C 38 D/DD 38 F/G -- --
  • Stunning & Supportive Nursing Bra
  • Cotton Lining in Cups with Gorgeous Lace Details
  • Easy Fit Double Cup Sizing: B/C, D/DD, F/G, H/I
  • Choose Ivory or Black Cherry
  • Full Drop Cup for Nursing
  • Easy Open Top Flip Clip--One Hand Access
  • Wonderful as Maternity or Nursing Bra
  • Size Range make a Good Gift Choice
  • Adjustable Back-Hook Closure
  • Body=63% Nylon/37% Spandex   Interior Cup Lining=60% Polyester/40% Cotton


Average rating:
average rating 70%
14 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 60%
it does the job... 03/05/2010
By Eva B
I got this bra, because I'm due in July and my breasts inflated from a DD to a J/K since conceiving. I'm hoping this bra will last me through nursing. I should know better by now than to rely on the person modeling the bra. Perhaps if she were pregnant (instead of sporting a perfect figure), and was modeling the size I was buying I'd have had a better gauge of what I was purchasing. Overall, the bra is doing what it's 'supposed' to do... It fits, and for the price I'm not *too* disappointed... However, I feel like I'm wearing an old lady bra, the picture doesn't depict this 'look' which is why I went with this bra. It doesn't have an underwire, something that I didn't realize, but that's my own fault for having not read the whole description thoroughly. I feel that the bra depends more on the straps for support than the band (where more of the support really should come from). I do like that the bra has quite a few rows for hook closure, allowing the bra to grow with the pr
average rating 60%
Good bra with some issues 04/12/2010
By Laura S.
Like many women, I've had a hard time finding a good fit in a nursing bra (32/34 J/K) but this is one of the better choices I've found after trying about 10 makes and styles. The upside is the band and cups fit relatively well. The 2 main issues I have with the bra follow: 1) The center of the bra doesn't snug up towards the sternum; instead, it pulls outward instead to create a shelf rather than shaping 2 distinct breasts. This has been a common problem with all the bras in this size I've tried. It seems like the design and materials are suited for smaller, lighter breasts and they don't do the job for larger sizes. Shouldn't a J/K cup have more support than a B or C? Come on Bravado!!! 2) The material, though pretty in a polyester lace kind of way, is itchy.
average rating 80%
Great basic nursing bra 07/31/2016
By Samantha Mehaffey
I'm not a fan of unpadded bras but nursing bras are hard to find in my size and price range so I take what I can get.
Pro: smooth design, doesn't give me an odd shape, mostly hides nipple when wearing a thin shirt (always my concern with unpadded bras), Sizing was exactly what I thought it should be and was therefore easy to order (I measured myself). easy to use clip for nursing, stays in place when it should.
con: not as much support as I'd like, but that is generally a problem with unpadded bras.
Over all considering my general dislike for unpadded bras I'd say this is a great bra and highly recommend it. It is pretty, doesn't give a bad shape, and has enough support to serve its purpose.
average rating 80%
Good fit, a little oddly shaped 10/11/2016
By Beth Duffus
I think most of these issues wouldn't exist in a smaller size. I got the 38H. I don't know how I missed it but somehow I didn't raise this was a full cup bra, I feel weirdly modest. The way the bra is built I end up lifted on the bottom but then kind of flattened in the middle, like it you pushed down on the top of an orange. Under a T-shirt or with the help of a cardigan it all evens out but odd. The fabric is soft and pretty. Hell I was just happy to find a nursing in my size for less than $75 after the exchange rate.
average rating 80%
Good Quality 01/20/2022
By Virginia Halloran
I like the quality and how comfortable this bra is. It has good support for those of us needing larger cups but have a small band size. I normally am a 32dd before pregnancy/nursing, and went to 32ddd. I would give this 5 stars except sometimes the cups need adjusting because of very slight spillage on the top. This is a hard size to find, so I am really glad I found a pretty nursing bra in this size.
average rating 60%
Good quality, poor fit 08/27/2015
I do not like the fit of this bra at all. Despite being the correct cup and band size for me, it has always fit more like a boob sling than a bra. There should be two separate breasts, not one uni-boob! Otherwise, it has held up like a champ. Despite being one of only two bras I've worn for most of the last 5 years, it is still in near perfect shape. It hasn't even stretched out much like most bras do.

Featured negative reviews:

average rating 40%
small 10/25/2011
Run's way small