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Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra

Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
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8 reviews
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Extra support in a smooth cup Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra works as a medium support day bra or sleep bra for fuller cup sizes. Smooth under your clingiest T-Shirt with an easy open flip-clip. Soft, silky stretch fabric. Nude or Classic Black, 32B-40H Sizes. Melinda G Made in U.S.A.
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Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra Sizing
 Band Sizing Standard Cup
Curvy Cup
Cool Curvy Cup (G-H)
Small 32D or
34 B-C
32E-32F 32G-32H
Medium 34D or
36 B-C
34E-34F 34G-34H
Large 36D or
38 B-C
36E-36F 36G-36H
Voluptuous 38D or
40 B-C
38E-38F 38G-38H
Va-Va-Voom 40D or
42 B-C
40E-40F 40G-40H
  • Smooth & Suportive under your clingiest T-Shirt!
  • Easy Clip Drop Cup=One-Handed Opening & Closing
  • Seamless Cups provide Smooth, Sleek Support
  • Adjustable Non-stretch Cushioned Straps
  • Support of an Underwire--Comfort of a SoftCup
  • Adjustable Back-Hooks
  • Soft Stretch 83% Nylon/17% Lycra Fabric
  • Made by Melinda G in the USA
Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
Average rating:
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
Only Bra that works for me
This is the only bra I found so far (and I have been on the search for 10 years) that doesn't give me plugged ducts. It doesn't pinch under my arms as it is low cut and has no seams there. I love the gentle support without underwire. It is not a push up bra (shouldn't be either IMO), but supports fine and I am not on the small size when nursing. The elastic doesn't roll and the straps are wide enough and really soft. The other thing I really love, the same size worked really well right after my milk came in and I was super engorged and huge, but it is still working once the milk supply dropped and normality settled in. No need to buy different sizes.
Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
Comfortable but not attractive
I bought the bra at the end of pregnancy and am now a month post parting. The cups are super stretchy and thin like a thin swim suit material, which allows for comfort but not a ton of support (breasts jiggle going down stairs for example). It doesn't offer lift but it does offer separation which is hard to find in a non wire G cup. I'd give it 5 stars for comfort during the engorgement period or as a sleeping bra because it does not constrict or smoosh breasts, but I'd give it 3 stars for how it makes my chest look under a shirt for going out of the house in. For reference I am a 32G.
Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
Had high hopes for this bra. I ordered this in the last two weeks of my pregnancy, followed all the measuring guidelines and poured over reviews. Essentially, I did everything by the letter. The sizing was all kinds of messed up--band too big so it rode up in the back and cup size ok, but not supportive! It looks fantastic from the description and pictures but this was not reality. However, fabric is much preferred over the cotton ones since the nylon washes and wears better.
Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
Very comfortable. Much less pressure on my nipples than other nursing bras. I had been wishing that the fabric was more breathable, but as the weather cools down it is now perfectly comfortable. The material is quite thin, which makes it comfortable. If you are wearing nursing pads they will almost certainly show through a t-shirt or anything form fitting. Well constructed. Good value for the price.
Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
Excellent Sleep Bra
This is an excellent sleep bra option! I have a small frame, but large bust and this bra has been an excellent option for sleeping while nursing. The support is gentle enough for sleep, but strong enough to feel like you don't have to run to put a real bra on as soon as you step out of bed. The design of the cup keeps you in place.
Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
Comfortable in pregnancy and after
Great bra for maternity and for nursing. I ordered the 34e and it was supportive but not constricting. It was my go to bra.

Featured negative reviews:

Melinda G Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra
No support
Unfortunately, this bra doesn't provide support for me. It might work better for a smaller cup size, but it looks like I'm not even wearing a bra under my clothes. It does make a comfortable sleeping bra though.