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Goddess Keira Nursing Bra

Goddess Keira Nursing Bra

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average rating 83%
22 reviews
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Silky satin simplex fabric for smooth, sexy softcup nursing bra is supportive up to an N Cup. Easy-To-Use squeeze clip opens from the top of the cup. Very durable fabric keeps its shape with moisture wicking finish. Softcup style with great lift & shape.

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Goddess Keira Bra Sizing
36 -- 36DDD 36G 36H 36I 36J 36K 36L 36M 36N
38 38DD 38DDD 38G 38H 38I 38J 38K 38L 38M 38N
40 40DD 40DDD 40G 40H 40I 40J 40K 40L 40M 40N
42 42DD 42DDD 42G 42H 42I 42J 42K 42L 42M 42N
44 44DD 44DDD 44G 44H 44I 44J -- -- -- --
46 46DD 46DDD 46G 46H 46I -- -- -- -- --
  • Super Supportive Up to an N Cup
  • Silky Satin Simplex fabric for Smooth Look
  • Easy-To-Use Squeeze Clip Top Cup
  • Softcup Style with Great Lift & Shape
  • Full Circle Inner Frame Offers Support While Nursing
  • Does Not Stretch Out And Lose Its Shape
  • Very Durable Fabric with Moisture Wicking Finish
  • Front Powernet Insert Cools and Flexes
  • Very Durable Fabric with Moisture Wicking FinishUS
  • 2 Distinct Shaped Cups
  • Goddess Style #6092
  • Engineered for a Great Fit for DDD+ Cups & Above
  • Bra is tagged with US Sizing, please see sizing chart for UK Sizing Conversion if needed


Average rating:
average rating 83%
22 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Goddess Keira- 38i 11/15/2017
By HSpencer
I’ve been looking for a bra that would not only give support for my large size (38i-smaller waist but extra large breasts is hard to find) but also be wireless. This one came in a timely manner and did just that. I’m grateful to have found it. The clasps do take a little effort but I wouldnt want it any other way as the weight of my breasts would probably unclasp a cheaper looser clasp lol the overall breast shape is a little bit pointy in a shirt but no one has noticed and it gives great lift. I plan to buy another soon as my size will change again as I continue to lose weight. It took me months to find a bra that will fit, no underwire and be able to nurse and I found it! The only thing that would be better is if I could get this is cotton and/or another color
average rating 100%
The Perfect Bra 08/01/2017
By Triplets Mom Webb Sage
It took me 5 months postpartum to finally finds a nursing bra that fit properly! (I had been to 2 different people who made custom bras but neither had anything that worked). This was my Hail Mary before my sisters wedding. When it arrived I was jumping up and down because it fit perfectly and was exactly what I needed.
I have worn this one bra for over a year. I'm getting ready to order another since my body is shrinking & my triplets are now 19 months old! Thank you for making such a great bra. I am short 5'2" and after triplets pretty stocky probably about 215 when I ordered. I'm now at 185 & continuing to drop weight with 3 running in 3 different directions, lol!
This bra is Triplet Mom Approved!
average rating 60%
It's an Okay bra 05/29/2012
By Laura
I am suprised as how supportive this bra is for not having and underwire. I really like this bra, the only problem I am having, is I've been wearing one for less than three hours, and my shoulders are KILLING me from the straps digging in. They really should have the wide, comfy straps!!! I gained a few cup sizes now that im nursing, and the comfort straps would be so much nicer! ED NOTE: Strap-ees are silicone cushions for shoulder staps and work with all bras. They can be found on our bra accessories page.
average rating 80%
Love this bra 10/11/2016
By Terri V
I love the support this bra gives. I am a busty woman wearing a 40H and I usually go for the underwire full support bras, which are hard to find while nursing. I ordered 1, couldn't find one in store locally that could match it or even be in my size! A couple weeks later I ordered a second one!
The only con is that sometimes the clips ar difficult to get unhooked while a little someone is fussing, but at the same time... the bra never undoes its self like some others. So it's kind of a pro too.
average rating 60%
A bit too small in the cup 06/02/2012
I wanted to add that I ordered a cup size larger than I normally wear, and the cup size is a bit too small. :( Also the "ED Note" that was added to my above comment- I realize that those are available on your website, I was just stating that the company that makes the bra's should consider making the straps a little more padded/comfy for us big chested ladys. I dont know about anyone else, but i dont want to mess with having to buy and place the extra piece on my bra...
average rating 80%
Just the line 06/01/2017
By Ann A
I am so happy to have finally found a bra that gives me good support, and is comfortable for my size. while the clasp isn't as easy to access as the hook style, I didn't find it as difficult as other had mentioned. The only gripe I have is the line that shows up through my shirt right across the middle of my breast. I didn't see any warning of that on other reviews. I'm using it anyway because I love the comfort and support. size 38H

Featured negative reviews:

average rating 40%
Clips are a dealbreaker 04/21/2017
By Michelle
I love the way this bra feels and the support it gives without a wire. It's a better bra than a lot of mhmnon nursing bras.

But as a nursing bra, it's terrible. The clips are near impossible to release with one hand, which is a must for nursing.

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